Remove Region Lock

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Remove Region Lock

Post by ScottBeatz » Mon Sep 30, 2019 1:24 pm

I found a way to remove the region lock, wanted to share in this forum, hope it does not break the rules. I credited the original author and if you want to check the original post just click on his name at the end of the quote.
CWTool - Small tool to remove region-locking of items

Hello everybody!

UPDATE: Works on Cube World v1.0.0; next update will include gear scaling and hopefully some changes to artifacts if all goes smoothly!

I have created a tool which removes some of the region-locking. As of now, whenever you walk into a new region the tool will update all items you currently have equipped so they appear as though they are from the region you are now in. This gives the illusion of the items not being locked to a region.

WARNING: This is NOT a finished product. This tool has not been tested thoroughly and may corrupt your save. MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR SAVE IF YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR CHARACTER.

Note: When changing regions, your HP will jump to 1 million but will go back to your max HP once you attack or interact with anything. This is just a hacky workaround, I'm working on this.

The tool now keeps key items between regions as well!

I'm not ready to release the entire tool (has more functions than just region-lock removal) but I will be continuously updating it as well as adding new features. It is written in C++; I will be releasing the tool open source once I get it to a state that I'm comfortable releasing. For now, here is a sneak peak!

Click here to download the tool

Here is a VirusTotal scan of the executable

I would very much appreciate any feedback! Let me know what you want to see the tool be able to do! Feel free to ask any questions, I'd be more than happy to answer. :)

Minor note: I have only done a very small amount of testing, but I believe that the tool works fine in multiplayer. The tool only affects the client that is running the tool, regardless of who the host is; so each player will have to run the tool themselves if they want to disable region-lock. It also appears to work seamlessly through joining and leaving games, so once it's running you should be golden.

Please let me know if anyone experiences any issues or crashes!

The tool is only going to work on the newest update of Cube World (1.0.0), I will release updates as Wollay does for now.

Credits for: haxifix